Saturday, 9 October 2010

New Catalogue

The new, revitalised Littlewoods is offering a FREE catalogue to customers and, as additional incentives, it includes free delivery of items, free collection of returns and, the bit I like best, £15 off your first credit order. Great!

- One thing you can be sure of, I'll be buying something a lot more interesting than underpants!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Welcome back Littlewoods

OK, so Littlewoods is advertising again so who is Littlewoods now? Are they the same company? What do they sell? What are the benefits of today's Littlewoods?

Here's a quick Littlewoods history:

Littlewoods founded by John Moores - that's the shopping catalogue and the pools company

1945 onwards
The catalogue and pools businesses develop. As more people get their own telephones, Littlewoods develops call centres to take telephone orders from its catalogues. It also opens its own shops (where my mum used to drag me to buy my underpants!)

The internet kills traditional catalogue shopping and the Moores family sell the Littlewoods catalogue and shops to the Barclay brothers.

Littlewoods catalogue and Kays catalogue merged to form Littlewoods Shop Direct Group (now just Shop Direct).

Great Universal Stores is added to the Shop direct Group and it becomes the biggest home shopping business in the UK.

The Shop Direct Group buys the Ladybird clothing brand and the Woolworths names following the collapse of that company.

By the way, many of the 120 Littlewoods shops were bought and turned into what is now Primark.

- You could write a novel on the history of these brands!

Welcome to Littlewoods Catalogue

Find great deals on all Littlewoods items - plus other bargains as well